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How to adjust windows to winter (summer) mode?

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Having installed plastic windows in the house or apartment, many owners do not suspect that they most often serve as thermal bridges. And the reason is in the leaky prileganie of the leaves to the window frame, that leads to creation of heat leaks and general heat loss. Timely seasonal adjustment of plastic windows in winter and summer will reduce heat loss and normalize the indoor microclimate. In this article, you will learn how to adjust plastic windows independently at different times of the year.

The main difference between the winter and summer mode of plastic windows is the force of pressing the window to the frame. In its turn, the force of pressing determines the tightness of the structure. Adjusting windows to summer mode ensures micro ventilation. Adjusting to winter mode provides maximum tightness. Window adjustment to winter and summer modes must be performed when you feel drafts while the window is closed. This can be determined by hand, by touch and with the help of a match or a piece of paper.

When and how to adjust windows to winter summer mode?

In most cases you need a hexagon for adjusting windows to a winter and summer mode. During windows installation ask the specialists of the window company to show you exactly how to change the position of the eccentrics. Most often, you’ll need hex keys (4 mm). Less often, you’ll need flat, Phillips screwdrivers or pliers.

How to understand which tool is needed to adjust windows? Look at a trunnion, if it has a key slot, you will have to buy a hexagon. If the shape is convex, you can use pliers.

While changing the winter/summer mode the mechanisms of the window hardware must be cleaned and lubricated. For this you will need a brush and lubricant. You can use oil for sewing machines.

Remember! It is forbidden to use WD-40, petroleum jelly and oil for diesels.

Changing the mode of plastic windows and adjusting hardware in winter and summer should be done only at a positive temperature. The optimal average daily temperature for changing mode is +10°C.

Features of adjusting windows to winter mode

It is possible to adjust windows to winter mode independently. It is a simple and understandable process, of course if you have certain knowledge. That is why we have prepared a small instruction.

Preparation for changing the mode:

  • Clean the mechanism. Remove existing debris, dust, other foreign parts and wipe with a soft cloth.
  • Lubricate the details. Moving elements are lubricated with special means. To distribute the substance evenly, open and close the leaves several times. Remove the excess material with a cloth.


  1. Open the leaf. Find all the trunnions - 3-5 pieces on the leaf. Pull up the recessed elements.
  2. Find a mark. In some models of window fittings, you need to focus on marks. If the mark on the eccentric is directed toward the seal, the pressure is maximum. If it is up/down, the pressure is medium. If the mark is directed toward the street, the pressure is weakened.
  3. Adjust each eccentric, transfer them from the summer to the winter position.
  4. Check the tightness. If there is a problem, you need to adjust the leaves in all planes. You can do it yourself with the help of a candle. The part of the window that does not fit tightly to the frame will blow out the candle flame.

Features of adjusting windows to summer mode

Processes of adjusting windows to winter and summer modes are almost identical, except that you need to choose the correct position of the eccentrics:

  1. Find all the eccentrics on the window leaf, there may be several of them on each side.
  2. Take the appropriate tool and turn all window eccentrics clockwise to 0.8 mm or 90 °C depending on the hardware. To make sure that your actions are correct, read the example below.
  3. Close the window leaf and check how tightly it is pressed to the frame. This can be understood by the nature of closing the leaf and turning the handle. You can also use a candle as it was mentioned above. In this case, everything is the other way around: the candle flame shouldn’t move.
  4. In some window models, the trunnion must be turned to 180 degrees. To adjust windows to winter/summer mode in the reverse direction open the window again and rotate the eccentrics to 90 degrees. Check whether the leaf has become even more free to close and how much the seal is compressed around the perimeter.

How to adjust balcony doors to winter and summer mode

The process of adjusting balcony windows is almost the same. Adjusting of balcony doors to winter mode inculdes several stages:

  1. Open the door for 90°, fix them for further work.
  2. Check the leaf, determine the type of notch on the trunnions.
  3. Release the trunnion with a suitable tool (hexagon or pliers). Turn to 90-180° degrees.
  4. Check the closing density.

If the door does not close at all, the trunnions should be released a quarter of a turn. If there is a draft, turn to 45-90° degrees.

Adjustment of balcony doors from winter to summer mode is done in the reverse order. Many people mistakenly believe that regulation of doors to winter mode is more important and that during the warm season it is not necessary to make changes. This is a false judgment, because:

  • It is connected with the convenience of opening/closing doors. In summer, the use of the balcony or loggia becomes more frequent. That is why it is necessary to loosen the pressure of the leaf.
  • Small pressure of the rubber seal in the summer mode will prolong the full functioning of the door.
  • Constant winter mode can lead to breakdown of the trunnions.

Tips for adjusting windows to winter/summer or summer/winter mode

By following a few basic rules you can extend the life of the window and avoid the rapid failure of individual parts:

  1. It is not necessary to adjust windows to winter and summer modes in the first year of operation of the window (door), if it was correctly adjusted by the installer.
  2. Regularly (1-2 times a year, depending on the frequency of opening) lubricate the window fittings.
  3. Do not keep the metal-plastic window (door) for more than 6 months a year in winter mode.

Window adjustment is also required in the following cases:

  • loose handles, backlash is felt while closing and opening the window;
  • the handle jams while closing, is not set in the final position and presses the leaf to the frame;
  • displacement of the glazing vertically or horizontally;
  • absence or damage of seals;
  • sagging of window leaves, etc.

With proper care your windows will work efficiently and look good for many years. You should not save money by choosing cheap windows. Identical in appearance, they can have completely different properties that will quickly affect the appearance and functionality of the product. That's why we offer only quality products in our online window calculator.

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